4D Star versus one-dimensional neo-Marxism

4D versus 1D — who wins?

Karl Marx published Das Kapital in 1867. Despite 700 pages, its central tenet — that human existence is shaped by inherent class struggle — can be summarized geometrically by two points in space that do not even connect to form a one-dimensional line segment. Indeed, Marx conceived the “proletariat” and the “bourgeoisie” as distinct entities, without a continuum or “grey zone” (with the exception of a petite bourgeoisie).

Marx’s vision for the future: abolish private property (an innate human need), destroy the bourgeoisie, and Voilà!, a glorious New Day dawns, a nebulous “dictatorship of the proletariat” arranges a smooth transition, then governments and states somehow fade away, and finally an über-equitable worker-collective spontaneously organizes itself on a purely voluntary basis.

February 2024

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That a 19th-century theorist outlined a fanciful vision is not surprising. What is shocking is the long period of intellectual stagnation — marked by ovine behaviors at universities and in newsrooms — that has left Western societies largely under the influence of Marx in 2024.

So how did Marx fill up those 700 pages?  He took his simplistic model of two points in space and applied that to every subject under the sun: economics, politics, society, history, and philosophy. He wrote in an intentionally esoteric, verbose, pseudo-profound writing style that apparently titilates his followers.

For those who lack discernment and want to pass themselves off as insightful, this grandiloquent, pseudointellectual style of verbiage counts more than the vacuum left unfilled by Marx’s two points in space.

What matters for them is not that Marx’s prophesies have all failed to occur, nor the hundreds of millions (!) of people who have died under communist regimes, nor the extravagant claims for which he was too cowardly to provide details.  What counts is being accepted into the herd.

Let’s fast-forward past those mountains of corpses to recent decades in Western countries. Marxists recognized that people in free societies were not starving nor geared up for armed revolt based on economics, so the cultists zeroed-in on what they thought would constitute the Achilles’ heel of free societies: racial conflict (and to a lesser extent, identity-based grievances in general).
This was hardly a random choice; indeed, it merely underlines the validity of the author’s 4D Star macro-level strategic paradigm. Historical discrimination had degraded the “Human” foundation (in the 2D level of the author’s model).  Because every foundation has dynamic links with all the others, this caused a pernicious ripple effect with cascading consequences between Loyalty (commitment), Freedom, Innovation, and Organization. Collectively, these five affect the 3D Level, Sustainability Through Time, so the Marxists saw their opportunity to undermine society.
Like any good advocate for totalitarian oppression corresponding to the Malevolent Star paradigm (the sinister counterpart of 4D Star), they dressed themselves up as the “real” defenders of human dignity. In reality, of course, this “concern” was pure fakery, since any Malevolent Star regime has always sacrificed vulnerable groups whenever convenient, together with all of the other sub-elements enumerated under the “Human” foundation of 4D Star. 

It’s not worth trying to remember the so-called intellectuals who decided to switch from “class struggle” to “class + identity,” but names include Derrick Bell, Angela Davis, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and Richard Delgado

They are all avowed Marxists or identify themselves as being “influenced by Marxist thought.” They either admit that the identity-track is merely a ploy in the long-term aim of advancing the glorious “proletarian revolution,” or their statements strongly imply that motivation.

The major “contribution” of these cultist pseudo-intellectuals can be understood geometrically: they took Marx’s two dots and formed a line segment.  After a century of destruction caused by Marx’s two points in space, these thought-leaders connected the dots.  Not in terms of realizing that Marx was wrong, but in postulating a continuum between the identitarian versions of “proletariat” and “bourgeoisie.”

They realized that if they dressed up some identity groups as “proletariat” and other groups as “bourgeoisie,” there would be dozens of permutations between the two extremes. This is essentially a Marxist bastardization of the Mexican Casta paintings, combined with collective guilt à la Rwandaise (de 1994).
Thus, a handicapped Muslim transsexual from Somalia would be recognized as having achieved full proletarian (oppressed) credentials.  A white, Christian, heterosexual man would epitomize the identitarian version of the bourgeoisie (oppressor). In neo-Marxist dogma, the latter essentially plays the role of Satan.  
Their brilliant innovation?  The idea that someone like a white handicapped lesbian, or a heterosexual Christian black man, would supposedly fall between the two extremes.  
“What about the Jews?,” you ask. Always condemned for not being white enough, the Hebrews miss their shot again.  Now that Europe is considered bad, they are finally lumped in with “whiteness,” together with every other ethnicity from Eurasia (to a greater or lesser [ever-changing] extent).

The “Commitment” (loyalty + élan) foundation of 4D Star, in particular, has come under heavy fire from the tyranny of this Wokeism.  Trust and a shared sense of destiny, the basis of loyalty, are relentlessly attacked. 

If citizens can be made to give fealty primarily to identity groups, rather than to the polity and fellow citizens, then the “Organization” foundation does not function. People turn to pretenders who promise safety but deliver tyranny, undermining freedom and human dignity. Innovation stalls.  Sustainability dims.

Thus, even when considering only the tricks they use, Marxists have already unintentionally demonstrated the validity of the 4D Star / Malevolent Star paradigm.  No need to mention the failed prophesies that they can’t explain but which 4D Star powerfully elucidates; one needn’t even get that far to see which paradigm has merit.

However, looking at the conditions that the neo-Marxists have imposed on the West, one can clearly see “Failure” written everywhere, (even though their power is incomplete), for reasons that would have been predictable using the author’s paradigm.  The negative outcomes in society are too numerous for a serious treatment in this space, but here is one recent disappointment where the neo-Marxists unintentionally proved the strength of the author’s paradigm:

Universities have become cesspools of antisemitic hatred and anti-white indoctrination (degradation of human dignity), intellectual stagnation, paranoia and recriminations (the opposite of loyalty), restrictions on liberty including freedom of speech, and segmentation (as opposed to responsible organization) marked by the return of racial segregation and the costly inefficiency of bloated DEI bureaucracy

Here we see, yet again, the eternal, dynamic links between the Five Foundations of the 2D Level of 4D Star.  Because of the inherent connections between Human, Freedom, Loyalty (with élan), Innovation, and Organization, degradation in one element is accompanied by damage to all five. 

Holistically, these five impinge on the 3D Level, Sustainability Through Time. The unsustainability of current conditions is clear, as evidenced by the recent resignation of the president of Harvard. (The cultists, of course, will try to merely shuffle personalities while protecting their dogma.)

As one might expect when a dimensionally-challenged entity faces off against a multidimensional force, the scorecard is essentially zero to infinity.  

No Marxist predictions have ever materialized; history fully demonstrates the extreme harm caused by trying to navigate with a one-dimensional (at best) tool. 

On the other hand, it’s likely that no historical human event, ever, would be outside the purview of 4D Star’s explanatory and predictive powers.

Malevolent Star (the sinister counterpart of 4D Star)

Reaction from Dr. Steven Pinker of Harvard

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