4D Star for Kids

Explaining 4D Star to Children

4D Star This special tool helps us navigate our life together. When sailors are at sea, they use instruments to figure out where the ship is and where it’s going.  This makes it easier to arrive at the right place. 4D★ is what adults call a “macro-level paradigm.” Those big fancy words just mean it’s […]

4D Star defeats one-dimensional identity-based neo-Marxism (Wokeism)

4D Star defeats neo-Marxism

4D Star versus one-dimensional neo-Marxism 4D versus 1D — who wins? Karl Marx published Das Kapital in 1867. Despite 700 pages, its central tenet — that human existence is shaped by inherent class struggle — can be summarized geometrically by two points in space that do not even connect to form a one-dimensional line segment. […]

4D Star: After endlessly retreading the failed ideologies of the 20th century, we have a new strategic model to navigate complex challenges.

4D Star Paradigm

4D Star After endlessly retreading the ideologies that failed in the 20th century, we finally have a new strategic model to navigate complex challenges. Should one trust any philosophy that does not put “human” as its central focus?  Of what use is that theoretical recognition of priority, without enthusiastic loyalty to oneself and others?  And […]